How Much Roadworthy Certificate Costs in 2021?

Are you in Hoppers Crossing Victoria and want to sell or buy registered vehicles? Then having a roadworthy certificate is essential to make the transfer smoother. Without it, you can not sell or buy any vehicles, at least legally. So, if you are trying to get a roadworthy certificate for your car, this article is for you. You will get tips for getting the certificate, including how much a roadworthy certificate costs you.

So, explore about roadworthy certificate, get reliable vehicles or high return over your car.

Whether you are from Williams Landing, Point Cook Vic, Truganina Vic, Laverton Vic, or Altona In Victoria, a roadworthy certificate is essential while re-registering a used and new vehicle. The primary purpose of this certificate is to lessen the number of unworthy vehicles on the road. Although having a roadworthy certificate is not the full guarantee or assurance of a fit and updated vehicle, you can be assured to some extent.

If you are thinking of conducting a sale or purchasing a vehicle in Victoria, you must have the roadworthy certificate in your hand. Let’s look at how to get it conveniently. 

Let’s drill deep down into it:

The Need for a Roadworthy Certificate?

Nobody can legally conduct sales, purchase, or re-registration without having a roadworthy certificate in Australia. It ensures that the vehicle you will sell, purchase or re-register, is in good condition and worth moving on the road smoothly. This ensures the fitness of the car and eliminates outdated or unfit vehicles on the road. Let’s see what is beneficial and why it is considered to be essential while doing so.

  • A roadworthy certificate is essential for a vehicle, ensuring its worthiness on the road.
  • It is a way of eliminating the number of useless and unworthy vehicles on the road.
  • It gives the new purchasers a kind of assurance to buy used cars that are reliable and worth every penny they spend.

A roadworthy certificate also ensures the absolute value of the vehicle. In Victoria, you must have a roadworthy certificate before selling a vehicle because without having it, you are against the law and may have to deal with some unwilling losses. This is how vital the roadworthy certificate is for conducting any activity related to vehicles.

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Inspection of Vehicles for Roadworthy Certificate

A roadworthy vehicle inspection is for ensuring the vehicle’s present condition that the fundamental parts of the car are working correctly. A roadworthy inspection primarily covers the vehicle’s critical components to ensure that they are good enough for safe road use.

What Comes Included in it?

  • Steering, suspension, and braking systems
  • The condition of the wheel and tyres
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Widescreen, windows, and front wipers, including washers
  • Light and reflectors
  • Other safety-related items on the body chassis and engines

Things Excluded in Vehicle Inspection for Roadworthy Certificate

A roadworthy certificate doesn’t guarantee that a vehicle is entirely fit and free from any problems. Some things don’t come under roadworthiness tests.

  • Firstly a roadworthiness is not the guarantee that the vehicle is free from any mechanical deterioration.
  • Non-safety related items such as air-conditioning, rear-window, electric window, and rear window wipers, 
  • Not responsible for the parts in good condition while exploring roadworthiness will continuously be the same and work reasonably.
  • Any standard electrical features like brake lights, horns, etc., can stop working anytime after issuing the roadworthy verification certificate.

How Much Roadworthy Certificate Costs

A roadworthy certificate covers various parts of a vehicle, and vehicles can vary in designs, models, shapes, and versions. It may be possible that the roadworthy certification cost varies depending on the designs and faults that are found in a vehicle. 

When you come to get a roadworthy certificate, you will get the complete information related to it while filling the booking form. We’ll make you aware of the expenditure to pay for the roadworthy certificate before starting the process.

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What Are the Things A Roadworthy Certificate Not Guarantees For

A roadworthy certificate doesn’t guarantee you that your vehicle is entirely free from troubles. It only explores some of the parts of the vehicles, including lights, horns, tires, wheel alignments, and some others. It is not the guarantee that your vehicle is mechanically free from troubles, and there will be no deterioration of the parts of the vehicle.

Not only the measured parts but also the checked items can stop working after verification. There is no guarantee that a well-functioning part while issuing the roadworthy certificate will continuously work without fail. The breakdown is vulnerable even after verification, so be assured that a roadworthy certificate is only a kind of test that the vehicle is in the proper condition and can move around the road.

Final Thoughts

So, you must have understood every nitty-gritty of a roadworthy certificate. So, if you are looking to get the certificate for your car, truck or other vehicles, let us know, we can help you get it conveniently.


Is your car roadworthy enough? Understanding roadworthy certificate in Victoria

roadworthy certificate

Congratulations on your new car, or if you have decided to sell your old car but is your vehicle roadworthy? In Australia, there are multiple rules and regulations on the purchase and sale of an automobile from a safety and legal standpoint. For a vehicle to be considered roadworthy, it should have all the necessary permits, roadworthy certificate needs to be taken. This permit not only determines the safety of the automobile but also attracts numerous potential customers in no time.

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant aspects of roadworthy certificate and understand it better:

Roadworthy certificate is certificate that ensure that the vehicle was inspected and is safe to be on road. The government of the concerned state appoints various authorities who are responsible for providing this certification after testing the vehicle and making sure that it stands on all the set standards. Once all the requirements are met road certificate is issued in the vehicle’s name followed by the motor vehicle license. For a brand new vehicle, the road-worthy certificate is provided by the manufacturers and for the resale of the automobile and renewal of the certificates, one needs to contact a vehicle testing station.

Process for the Roadworthy Certification

While you decide to take your brand new car on the road, before that you need to follow the process and applying for certification.

  • Find out the nearest private or public vehicle testing station and go to a licensed roadworthy inspection center along with necessary documents such as Identity proof, Vehicle Registration Certificate, and the Prescribed Fee.
  • Fill out all the necessary details in the Application for Certification of Road-worthiness (ACR) form.
  • Once all the details are filled in, attach the documents with the form and submit them for processing.
  • The testing station would notify you of the rest of the details including the time and fees
  • Once the form is processed, one of the operators would carry out a series of checks to make sure your car is in a suitable state to be on roads or not.
  • Next, you need to do a complete logbook service of your vehicle to understand its current state.
  • The last step is to appear for a certification test in which a professional examiner examines each part of your vehicle in a detailed manner. From the tiers to the braking system, suspension, body rust, steering, etc.
  • In case your vehicle fails the test, you may re-apply for the certification by repairing and replacing the machinery as recommended by the operator.

Tenure of the Roadworthy Certificate

The certificate lasts for 60 days although the certificate varies from state to state and needs renewal if expired and before selling the vehicle. Licensed vehicle tester carries the process of renewal, which includes overall vehicle inspection. This is important for people who are planning to resale their vehicle as the buyers look for those automobiles whose roadworthy certificate is at least 30 days old and not more than that.

However, the vehicle may not remain road-worthy throughout the time it is certified for. The cost for the roadworthy certificate in Hoppers Crossing varies from vehicle to vehicle depending upon the factors like the age of the vehicle and its present condition. Thus, it is recommended to choose a reputed company for fixing your car so that you can make the most out of your certificate.

Roadworthy vehicle inspection

Only the key components of the vehicle are inspected, especially those which play a key role in the safety of the driver and passengers such as lights, reflectors, steering, braking systems, suspensions, windscreen and windows including front wipers and washers, seats, and seatbelts and other safety-related items on the body and engine.

The inspection does not cover the mechanical reliability of the overall vehicle in terms of wear and tear. Vehicle accessories such as air conditioners, rear window wipers, electric windows, rear window demisters are not covered during the roadworthy certification examination.

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