Significance of Victorian Roadworthy Certificate

We all think of upgrading our wheels at least once in our lifetime. If you are thinking of upgrading your wheels in the state of Victoria then you’ll need a Victorian roadworthy certificate. We already have all the parameters like colour, model, brad, etc in our mind, but we hardly think about the safety or roadworthiness of the vehicle. As per the regulation laid by the government issuing a roadworthy certificate for your vehicles is mandatory.            

A certificate of roadworthiness is a guarantee that the vehicle is safe to be driven. There are many certified centres located in each of the cities of Victoria that inspect and help you obtain the RWC. Cheap Roadworthy Certificate can be issued at any licensed roadworthy certificate centre.

Due to a lot of unworthy vehicles on the road the rate of car accidents is increasing day-by-day. Keeping your vehicles in a roadworthy condition will keep you away from accidents and unplanned expenses.

What is a Roadworthy Vehicle?

The name pretty much speaks for itself, roadworthy means worthy to be driven on the road. The Australian Government has laid out some standards of a roadworthy vehicle and the transport department of the local government enforces it. With this, the administration makes sure that other vehicles, as well as the pedestrians, are not harmed by the vehicles.

There are certain check-ups in the checklist of what makes your car roadworthy. The list includes break checkups, suspension integrity, fuel/oil leaks, illegal modifications, etc. Well, you can handle some of the things in the checklist, however, you need an experienced mechanic to get an expert opinion on whether or not your vehicles need a Victorian Roadworthy Certificate.

The Need for a Victorian roadworthy certificate

Once you decide on selling your vehicles make sure to book the inspection for the certificate. If your vehicle fails in the inspection then the selling process might be delayed. So it is important to get the certificate before you list our vehicles for sale.

How to Obtain a Victorian Roadworthy Certificate?

The roadworthy certificate can only be issued by a licensed vehicle tester available at an elected garage or service station. The tester is supposed to inspect in order to provide the roadworthy certificate.

As per the Victorian law, it is mandatory to have a roadworthy certificate for their vehicle. Every city in Victoria has a licensed roadworthy certificate centre. You can book the inspection for Roadworthy Certificate in Hoppers Crossing from A One Auto Care.

What is Covered in the Roadworthy Inspection?

While doing the review of the vehicle, the tester makes sure that the major components are in proper state.

victorian roadworthy certificate

The inspection typically includes the following check-ups  

  • Lights
    • Headlights
    • Taillights
    • Fog lights
    • Indicators
    • Number plate lights
    • Brake lights
  • Reflectors
  • Seats and seat blasts
  • Suspension
    • Suspension brushes
    • Ball joints, tie rod ends, and springs
    • Shock absorbers
  • Tyers
  • Power Steering
  • Windscreen
  • Overall vehicle structure 
  • Brakes
  • Windows, front wipers, and washers 
  • Other components related to engine and chassis, which are responsible for the safety of the vehicle.

Check-Ups That Are Not Covered in the Inspection

Even if the roadworthy certificate proves that your vehicle is mechanically sound. People can have many misconceptions. One has to understand that if your vehicles pass the inspection it does not mean that all the components of the vehicle are up-to-date and nothing has deteriorated. Other accessories that are not related to safety like AC, electric windows, rear-view mirrors, etc are not checked. 

Validity and Cost of the Certificate

The costs depend on the model, age, and condition of the vehicle. Cheap Roadworthy Certificate can be issued if the vehicle is in good condition and relatively new. The certificate is valid for 30 days from it the date it is received by the owner.

Legal Parameters Associated With the Roadworthy Certificate

All the testers have to follow the standards laid out by the VicRoads. If you have a query regarding the result of the inspection then you can take your vehicles to the VicRoads centre. You will get a final judgement whether your vehicle needs the repair or replacement. Although, the VicRoads cannot enforce anything on the tester. If you want you can take the issue to the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal or the Magistrates court for expert legal advice.


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